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Split System

Split Systems

Split System Air Conditioners are one of the most popular units used in domestic applications. These systems consist of a wall mounted indoor unit which supplies either cool or warm air into an area. The outside unit is designed to dissipate the the heat generated during the cooling cycle and cool during the heating cycle.

The new systems have advanced and now use refrigerants that are more enviromentally friendly. The refrigerants are used to cool or heat the coil in the indoor unit of which air is passed through via a filter.

If a Split System is not cleaned regularly it can become prone to dust and dirt build up. The filter systems are not designed to to extract all of these and if the filters are not cleaned additional dust and dirt can access other parts of the air con.

When an air conditioner has a build up of dust and dirt this now becomes the braeding ground for bacteria. As this bacteria continues to grow on parts of the unit like the coil, fan barrel and filters, this increases the harmul allergens produced by the bacteria. These allergens can be especially harmful to those individuals who suffer from asthma, hay fever, sinus problems, eczema and other health problems.

Apart from the health issues there is also the problem of the increase consumption of power due to the unit not performing efficiently.

Hygienik has in place a $5 Million Public liability Insurance to cover any unwanted accidents. We also ensure that we treat your home, office and possessions with care. Great customer service our main priority!
How is the air quality in your home

Our 20 Point Process Checklist

  1. Check and test the operation of each Air Conditioner prior to cleaning ( We don’t clean systems that are not work properly)
  2. Test temperature levels!
  3. Cover all floor coverings or furniture below the air con unit with waterproof cloths!
  4. Take before photos ready to send or show our clients the difference after our cleaning process!
  5. Cover all electrics for safety. Turn units off at power source!
  6. Remove, clean and sanitise filters!
  7. Remove and wash all covers!
  8. Treat coil, fan barrel and fan housing with appropriate cleaning products. Pressure rinse with clean water!
  9. Flush and check the drain to avoid blockages or possible leaks!
  10. Sanitise the coil, fan barrel and fan housing!
  11. Reassemble all components!
  12. Dry any excess moisture on or around the air con unit!
  13. Test units operation!
  14. Test temperature levels!
  15. Clean remote control if required!
  16. Inspect external accessible units on ground level:
    1. Damaged to insulation around copper piping. Visually inspect electrical conduit and advise of any issues!
    2. Clear any obstructions to air flow around the coils!
    3. Clear any grass or weeds growing up under or into the external unit!
    4. Clean any Mould growing on the external covers or in the compressor coils!
    5. Inspect fan blades and covers for corrosion and or grime!
  17. Clean up any mess from all work completed!
  18. Ensure that all furniture or items moved are returned!
  19. Take after photos and show or send to customer!
  20. Attach a completed service sticker with recommended next service date!

Signs your Split Systems needs cleaning!

Do your electricity costs seem to be high when using the Air Conditioner unit. A clean and efficent running Air Con can reduce power consumption.

Has the air flow from the unit seem to have slowly decreased over time. This is a sure sign of blocked filters, dirt and mould build up on the coil area and also the fan barrel and surrounds.

Is there a continual drip from the unit especially when high humidity is around. This is a sure sign of a blocked or partially blocked drain!

Has there been an increase of illness to anyone who is in direct contact with the air produced by the Air Con? An increase in asthma, allergies, hay fever and ongoing sinus problems can be caused by a dirty unit.

Do you have an odour coming from the indoor Air Conditioning Unit? This would be cause by bacteria build up within the unit.

Does the Air Conditioner vibrate or amke any noises. An unbalanced fan barrel due to build up can make noises and shake the indoor unit.

Did you know that regular cleaning of your Air Conditioner Unit can increase the life span and reduce wear and tear issues!