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Shepherd Filters

Shepherd Filters

Shepherd Filters is a new and exciting product now available from Hygienik. These great products exclusive to Hygienik in Far North Queensland are the answer cost effective kitchen grease filters.

Hygienik can provide wool filters that are a sustainable fire retardant and will capture grease before it enters the hood filters. This will save you also the risk of having a fire.

Shepherd Filters is a greener solution and is easy to install. Current cleaning practices use excess water and chemicals. Additionally there are the costs associated with a kitchen closure and excess staff wages. Furthermore there are the expensive costs of hood and flue cleaning which will be minimised by using our products.

Shepherd Filters can be disposed of in the regular trash (as they are biodegradable) so are environmentally friendly.

Our current customers includes,  Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Cafes and Sporting Venues, we are seeing benefits on an international level.

Currently the grease filters are sold all around the world such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Ireland, Israel, Singapore and Japan.

Contact Hygienik today to see how cost effective Shepherd Filters can be for your business. We can supply complete detail of your savings and benefits to your business.

You can also order online and will be delivered to your door saving precious time and energy.

For more information look at our YouTube videos below or click on this link to take you to the main website. There is loads of information on the product and benefits including news updates.

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