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Some of our services

breath clean healthy air with hygienik!

air conditioning cleaning residential

We service all residential Air Conditioning Units including Splits, Cassettes, Window and Wall Units.

air conditioning cleaning commercial

Hygienik cleans most types of small Commercial type units from small office to factory and office blocks

air conditioning cleaning marine

Being the main Air Conditioning cleaning contractor for Tusa Dive, Spirit Of Freedom and Spirit Of Cairns speaks for it's self!

mould remediation

At Hygienik we strongly recommend that you use our services to do the mould remediation as it is a very serious and dangerous issue.

Air Con Cleaning ( Residential Most Types)

here is our process

Our 4 step Air Con Cleaning process ensures that your Air Conditioner operates to its maximum performance supplying cool clean air!

Assessment of internal components

Assessment of internal components

* Check coils, filters and drain pan
* Check fans
* Check fan chamber
* Check casing and directional louvres
* Check overall operation including current temperature output

system restoration

system restoration

Re-assemble the unit and confirm operational performance.

The complete process takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours per unit to complete.

Pre- Clean

Pre- Clean

Pre-clean problems areas by vacuuming, wet wiping or high pressure water blasting internal components.

Apply Hygenik’s treatment products.

Apply Hygenik’s treatment products.

Coils –
a) Apply Hygienik’s coil cleaner to coils and rinse away contaminants from deep inside the coil.

b) Apply Hygienik’s Anti Microbial coil treatment to guard against re-colonisation for up to 12 months.

Filter – a) Remove visible dust, mould and bacteria.

b) Apply Hygienik’s Anti Microbial filter treatment

Other components – a) use an appropriate combination of traditional or mechanical cleaning methods to remove any residual dust, mould or bacteria.