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Mould Removal

Mould Removal

Mould removal is our speciality. At Hygienik we strongly recommend that you use our services to do the mould remediation as mould is a very serious and dangerous issue. However we understand the restraints that some householders and business have in place with limited funds.

With this in mind we can offer different levels of mould removal remediation work to cater to individual requirements and budgets.

Our friendly staff can assist you in explaining the different levels of service either by phone or by completing our online enquiry form.

If you would like to attempt to Do It Yourself we have listed below as a guide, the precautions required to undertake a safe mould remediation.



At Hygienik we have everything needed to perform Mould Remediation. We carry specialty equipment and testing tools to ensure that best practices are peformed.

Mould is a serious health issue so we take treating the problem with great care for us and our customers.

Hygienik is fully trained and insured so the wellbeing of all parties are at the forfront of any of our treatments.



To properly test for mould issues, correcting tsting needs to be applied to work out the source of the issue. Hygienik has moisture analyzers and thermal metres to assitain were the problem is originating from.

It’s all well and good treating the Mould however unless you can repair the source then the treatment is a waste of time. The Mould will only return and you will need to start all over again.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment


If you are planning on doing a household mould removal remediation project by yourself instead of hiring a professional to do it for you, then odds are you are wondering how to go about doing this safely. It is important to take safety into account when you are dealing with household mould remediation, considering all the health effects that can be caused by mould.

Respiratory infections, aggravation of asthma and emphysema, skin rashes, eye infections, and etcetera are not the only things that can be caused by the existence of mould in your house. Death can also result so this is why it is a better solution to use a proffesional.

What exactly are you going to need if you are removing mould from your house? Well, this answer depends on just how  much household mould remediation you need.

If you find mould growing on the walls of your home, and then simply washing it off with mould killing  chemicals may not do the whole job. Taking out the gyprock and replacing it is probably the only thing that you can do to completely remove the infection. If it has not seeped down into the gyprock and contaminated the entire depth of the board, you may be alright.

Heavy duty trash bags should be on hand to put any mould contaminated materials into. Try not to touch these contaminated materials to anything else in the home to avoid cross-contamination and then extending your household mould remediation problem.


A respirator of some kind should be used when you are dealing with household mould remediation of any level. If you are going to be removing drywall or any other building materials from your home, a half or full face mask respirator with a HEPA filter cartridge may be necessary.

A full face mask can be purchased for around $250. Disposable protective clothing for household mould remediation can also be bought and is fairly inexpensive considering the protection you will be provided. Since the shoes seem to only be sold in bulk, consider buying a pair of rubber boots instead and pull the household mould remediation body suit down over it.

Breathable water resistant gloves should also be bought and you can consider a rubber glove alternative as well. The rubber gloves are needed if chemicals are required to treat the mould, as these chemicals can be agressive.

If you come in contact with any chemicals or mould spores, make sure you wash your hands immediately. If a reaction to the skin happens then seek medical assistant as soon as possible.

You will also need to wear a protective suit and one that will not absorbe the mould spores.Pull the household mould remediation body suit over them and seal with duct tape.

You will also need to wear a protective suit and one that will not absorbe the mould spores. A high grade suit should be used and again if chemicals are used then they must be able to protect you from contact.

When wearing the protective suit, pull the body suit over the rubber gloves them and seal with duct tape. this will ensure a full seal of the suit from the outside enviroment.

Whilst you may think that the above is an over kill, mould spores and the effects of some of the chemicals that maybe required to treat the mould can have serious side effects.

A vacuum with a HEPA filter on it is something you will want to use if you are planning on removing any gypock. Stirring up mould spores is inevitable when you do this, especially if the infection is larger inside the wall that you could see from the outside.

A good quality HEPA vacuum will collect all the mould spores that have settled onto the floor and anything else that you vacuum with it and not redistribute them into the air.