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FAQ Air Conditioning systems

FAQ Air Conditioning systems

Why does my air conditioner seem not as cold as it used to be?

In most cases the coil is probably dirty – especially if it has never been cleaned. You will find after a Hygienik Air Conditioner Treatment that the temperature will pull down a couple of degrees saving on energy costs.

Why is my air conditioner not blowing as hard as it used to?

In this case it is probably very dirty and therefore the air flow is restricted. Once the blower fan (drum) has been properly cleaned the airflow will increase significantly. The drum has up to 400 small fan blades on it and once the leading edge of each blade gets a build up of dirt it simply becomes inefficient.

My air conditioner rattles when I turn it on. What could this be?

Generally this is due to the blower fan (drum) being out of balance. A build up of contaminants on the drum would possibly be the cause and a clean will fix the problem.

What does it mean when my air conditioner smells when I turn it on?

A smelly air conditioner is a “dirty air conditioner. A proper service and clean will rectify the problem. Hygienik’s cleaning and sanitization process will ensure a clean airflow.

What are the human symptoms of a contaminated Air Conditioner?

Asthma attacks – Allergies – Hay fever – Fatigue – Sore throat – Sore, dry eyes – Respiratory problems – Headaches – Tightness of chest – Frequent colds – Flu or flu-like symptoms

Do medical experts recognize contamination in home air conditioning units as a health hazard?

Organisations ranging from the World Health Organization to the US Environmental Protection Agency recognize the dangers associated with poor indoor air quality.

In Australia, the CSIRO says that Australia faces a significant air quality challenge largely because of indoor rather than outdoor pollutants.

Will I save money if I get my air conditioner cleaned?

clogged up air conditioner with dirt and dust can cut efficiency up to 50%. With this in mind, a regular service can save you up to 30% in energy costs.

Should I leave my air conditioner running when I am not at home?

It is not recommended to leave your air conditioning system on when not at home. If however you do, you should ensure that it is maintained and serviced regulary.

What is the life expectancy of an air conditioner?

A good quality system will last long past its standard warranty period. However to ensure that it lasts for well past this period you should make sure it is well maintained.

How often should your air conditioner be serviced?

This totally depends on the amount of use, environment and of course your budget. In high use and humid enviroments a minimum of a complete service once a year is reccommended.

How often should I clean the return air filter?

It is especially important during the summer when humidity is high and allergens circulate, that you should clean air filters monthly. If you also use your air conditioner during winter then every 2 months.

Can I get Legionnaires Disease from my home air conditioning?

Legionella is found in the cooling towers of large buildings and can also be found in evaporative air conditioners. Legionella is not an issue in refrigerated air conditioners.

What temperature should I set my air conditioner?

23 degrees is the temperature at which an air conditioning runs most efficient and economical. Every 1°C lower can increase running costs by up to 15%.