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Disinfection Service

Disinfection Service - Powerful Virus Protection

Hygienik using it's Disinfection Service can disinfect:


Offices & Workplaces

Clubs & Restaurants

Aged Care Homes

Medical & Healthcare

Shopping & Retail

Childcare & Schools

Public Transport

Public Areas

And so many more places.................................

Minimal Downtime during treatments and after hour options available.

Broadspectrum Disinfectant

Our disinfectant has broadspectrum abilities with fast killing ability for most bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Food Safe

You can feel safe in any environment as our disinfectant spray is food grade. we have the ability to treat kitchens and large food prep areas.

Safe to use

Hygienik’s misting disinfectant is safe on all surfaces and can even be missed around animals.

Environmentally Friendly

Used previously on treatment of food crops, our product is environmentally friendly and will degrade within the environment.


Our expert technicians will sanitise your required areas working on what suits your needs and time frames.  We have the ability to treat large areas at one time so to minimise any downtime. Our after hours service is flexible and also very affordable.
In these trying times and even beyond, the protection of loved ones, colleges and the general public should be front and centre in our thoughts. Hygienik’s Disinfecting Sanitising Service is a must for everybody in every situation.
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