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Coolroom Cleaning And Treatments

Coolroom Cleaning and Treatments

Cool room cleaning, Cold Storage Cleaning, Cooler Cleaning, Walk-in Cleaning, no matter what you call it, is a specialized field. Remove mould and biological contaminants safely and hygienically from refrigeration units, ceilings, walls, doors and floors.

Health Inspectors are only too well aware of the growing concern over heating and cooling temperatures particularly in the restaurant environment. The need for our specialized services was indisputable.

All products used in our process are non-corrosive, low odour and biodegradable. Specifically designed for cool room cleaning, these products are second to none.

  • Up to 25% improvement in Airflow.
  • Up to a 10% increase in cooling capacity.
  • Energy saving of up to 10%.
  • Savings on servicing with cleaning guaranteed for 12months (conditions apply).