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The Cassette Air Conditioner style has some similar aspects to a Split System, but is a lot more difficult to clean. The head unit is located on the ceiling where a split is located on the wall. The condenser or outdoor unit can be similar in looks but is generally mounted on the roof.

Cassette units are typically mounted in teh middle of the room and has 4 outlets to disburse air in all directions. Due to the ability to move so much air, these units are more suited to large areas. You however will see them used in caravans and in smaller sizes.

Like the Split System, the Cassette can be subject to all the same sorts of issues as far as dirt, dust and mould is concerned. Whilst the filter system is slightly better designed than the Split, all the same sort o problems can occur.

One of the main problem areas of the Cassette is the drainage as sometimes this is pumped out. Additionally the drainage follows the whole area of the coil which is basiclly 360 degrees. Special knowledge of these units is important to be able to clean safely and effectively.

There is certainly a special way to clean these types of Air Cons and it is not recommeded to be completed to untrained personel.

Casstte Air Conditioner
Hygienik has in place a $5 Million Public liability Insurance to cover any unwanted accidents. We also ensure that we treat your home, office and possessions with care. Great customer service our main priority!
How is the air quality in your home

Our 20 Point Process Checklist

  1. Check and test the operation of each Air Conditioner prior to cleaning ( We don’t clean systems that are not work properly)
  2. Test temperature levels!
  3. Cover all floor coverings or furniture below the air con unit with waterproof cloths!
  4. Take before photos ready to send or show our clients the difference after our cleaning process!
  5. Cover all electrics for safety. Turn units off at power source!
  6. Remove, clean and sanitise filters!
  7. Remove and wash all covers!
  8. Treat coil, fan barrel and fan housing with appropriate cleaning products. Pressure rinse with clean water!
  9. Flush and check the drain to avoid blockages or possible leaks!
  10. Sanitise the coil, fan barrel and fan housing!
  11. Reassemble all components!
  12. Dry any excess moisture on or around the air con unit!
  13. Test units operation!
  14. Test temperature levels!
  15. Clean remote control if required!
  16. Inspect external accessible units on ground level:
    1. Damaged to insulation around copper piping. Visually inspect electrical conduit and advise of any issues!
    2. Clear any obstructions to air flow around the coils!
    3. Clear any grass or weeds growing up under or into the external unit!
    4. Clean any Mould growing on the external covers or in the compressor coils!
    5. Inspect fan blades and covers for corrosion and or grime!
  17. Clean up any mess from all work completed!
  18. Ensure that all furniture or items moved are returned!
  19. Take after photos and show or send to customer!
  20. Attach a completed service sticker with recommended next service date!