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Bathroom Mould Removal

Bathroom Mould Removal

For any homeowner or resident, bathroom mould removal is on top of their mind before they even think about mould remediation. This is especially true if they have been plagued with mould in house or apartment problems in wet and damp areas of the bathroom. Or if they have people with Asthma living with them whose condition is worsening because of mould. Mould and mildew formation is common in bathroom areas. This is because the bathroom is place that provides warm and damp conditions for these bacteria, fungi and germs to thrive in.

Causes of bathroom mold formation

The bathroom is the perfect place for black mould to proliferate and cause infection. This is because there are several areas in the bathroom that provide damp, dark, and warm conditions. The bathroom is almost inadvertently a closed area with poor air circulation. People seldom affix windows in bathrooms, although they do fit a fan close to the ceiling to exhume stale air outside.

If you see a rainbowish tinge in any area in your bathroom, then there are strong chances that it is the beginning of mold and mildew formation. The following are a summary of why black mould formation is so prominent in the bathroom.

  • Poor air circulation given that the bathroom is designed to be a closed area.
  • Low lighting and lack of sunlight in the bathroom. Lack of ventilation and windows.
  • Warm and humid environment due to lack of ventilation.

Bathroom mould removal

Clean the shower

Talking about mold in homes, the shower area is one such area in your home that you have to clean regularly to maintain proper hygiene. Body oil and soap are two substances that proliferate exit mould formation. Mould uses these substances as food. Once you scrub the shower as part of the mold removal process, you should wipe it with a dry towel.

You may also use chlorine bleach in conjunction with an equal portion of water. Apply this mixture on the molded surface. Use a sprayer to achieve this. A sprayer will dispense the mixture on a larger surface area.

Get rid of the scent

Mold emanates a musty odour. To counter this, you must use baking soda to nullify this smell after mould testing. Top it up with a disinfectant solution. You may use an antibacterial spray as well. An inexpensive maintenance tip is to regularly spray your hot tub with a solution of vinegar for black mould removal. Let the vinegar dry on your hot tub. Wipe it dry with water.

How to control mold formation in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place where a lot of steam is generated. There is constant dampness in this room. You cannot avoid this. But you can definitely prevent mold from forming with regular mould cleaning. One of the easiest ways is to install a bathroom fan. Turn it on when you are having a shower, or a steam bath. The bathroom fan regulates temperatures inside the bathroom naturally. The fan also dehumidifies the bathroom.

Another tip is to keep the lighting on. Use bright lights. Well-lit areas do not have mold problems and you may not worry about bathroom mould removal in such areas.