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Air Curtain Cleaning

Air Curtain Cleaning

Air Curtains are an important component to keeping areas either cool or warm by restricting conditioned air to escape. These important units need to be maintained to ensure effiency and effectiveness.

Using inefficient Air Curtains will use additional power running the unit and also the loss of conditioned air. This loss will require Air Conditioning systems to work harder to regulate pre set temperatures.

Another important aspect of Air Curtains are there ability to also restrict bugs, dust and fumes from entering the building. Additionally outside temperature differences are minimised by the force of the downward air pressure from the unit.

Last but not least, a dirty Air Curtain would be the first thing a person would see when entering a building. This first impression can be a lasting one and may decide a persons buying decision and reflection of the business operation. Dust, cobwebs and a foul odour is the last thing you want a customer to see or smell when entering your premises!

Hygienik’s trained staff will ensure a clean and efficent barrier from inside to outside. A simple 3 monthly general clean can make a huge difference for both the customer and property of business owner.

Cleaning your Air Curtain will:

Help reduce your power costs!

Increase the efficency of your heating or cooling!

Keep the outside nasties outside!

Ensure a pleasent experience when entering!