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Air Conditioning Filter Clean

Air Conditioning Filter Clean

A simple thing like a regular filter clean can save you money in so many ways. Most consumers do not realise the benefits this simple task and should consider a Hygienik Filter Clean Service.

I can do that myself you are probably thinking. Well yes you could, however when we do a filter clean we use specific chemicals that kill all bacteria. Additionally we apply Hygienik’s Anti Microbial Filter Treatment which has an onging killing action on all bacteria including mould sporses.

Some filters may also need more frequent attention if the air conditioner is in constant use. If this is the case Hygienik will discuss other options that will be benificial. Areas subjected to dusty conditions, in or near the kitchen area where cooking oil particles are drawn into the filters can make things even worse. Then add fur-bearing pets in the house and this can cause extensive blockages.

All room air conditioners have a washable reusable filter that collects dust, oils from cooking and some airborne pollutants. These filters however need to be clean to work as intended by the manufacturer.

If you book us in at the beginning of the cooling season and then once a month during that period, this will ensure a efficient filter operation.

before and after filter cleaning