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Air Conditioning Cleaning

Hygienik specialises in air conditioning cleaning to ensure a healthy air breathing experience for you. Our air conditioning cleaning services will ensure that we eliminate all the bacteria, fungi and other air borne elements from your air conditioning system.

Hygienik Cleaning Method

Our Hygienik Cleaning Method is guaranteed to prevent recontamination for the first 12 months after service resulting in long term protection of the health and wellbeing of your family and friends.

The Hygienik air conditioning cleaning system basically involves 4 processes in our cleaning method.

  • Assessment of internal components
  • Problems and pre-clean
  • Clean, treat and protect
  • Restore system

Step 1

  • Check the internal components of the system
  • coils, filters and drain pan
  • fans
  • fan chamber
  • casing and directional louvres

Step 2

Pre-clean problems areas by vacuuming, wet wiping or high pressure water blasting internal components.

Step 3

Apply Hygenik’s treatment products.

Coils –

a) Apply Hygienik’s coil cleaner to coils and rinse away contaminants from deep inside the coil.

b) Apply Hygienik’s Anti Microbial coil treatment to guard against re-colonisation for up to 12 months.

Filter –

a) Remove visible dust, mould and bacteria.

b) Apply Hygienik’s Anti Microbial filter treatment

Other components –

a) use an appropriate combination of traditional or mechanical cleaning methods to remove any residual dust, mould or bacteria.

Step 4

System Restoration

Re-assemble the unit and confirm operational performance.

The complete process takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours per unit to complete.

Types of Air Conditioner Systems we clean!

Split Air Conditioner

Our complete bag wash process and 4 step process will ensure your Split Air Conditioning System works efficiently. Hygieniks Antimicrobial treatment kills bacterial for many months after cleaning.

Wall/Window Units

Wall/Window units can be cleaned using a similar process to our split cleaning. The units can either be cleaned in place or removed from the housing and cleaned separately.

Wall air conditioner

Cassette Unit

Casstte Air Conditioner

Cassette units can be difficult to clean however at Hygienik we have our ways. These units which are typically used in large residential and commercial situations and should be maintained regularly. Certainly only trained professional should attemp to clean these types of units.

Ducted Unit

Ducted units need regular maintenance especially the return air grills. If these are not kept clean, the condenser surface will become blocked and is difficult to clean. At Hygienik we offer scheduled cleaning programs to suit.

Ducted Air conditioner

Suspended Unit

Suspended Air Conditioner

Suspended units are high air volume commercial units. Depending on the model may have some cleaning restrictions, however it is a must that filters and drain are kept clean at all times.

Portable Unit

Portable Units work on the same principal as all other air conditioning systems. These units are known for over heating and expensive running costs, so is important that they are running at there peak.

Portable air conditioning Unit