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With our head office located in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, Far North Queensland one thing that is a constant in our lives is the protection of our environment.  The Great Barrier Reef, the rainforest and all the living creatures in and around the world rely on humans to make the right environmental choices in order to minimise and where possible eliminate damage to our world.

Hygienik’s business is based around sourcing and supplying environmentally friendly products and services that promote hygienic environments for both residential and commercial application.

Using the latest in antimicrobial technology these applications include mould remediation, bacteria elimination, preventative bacteria treatments, grease trap cleaning, air conditioner cleaning and food waste processing.

Scott Wellington


Having run various businesses for the past 20 plus years I believe I have attained a broad knowledge of many aspects of running a business and the requirements to have the right product and application for that product.

After a stint of involvement with a business involved in the supply and application of mould, infection and odour control products I became obsessed with the wellbeing of my fellow humans health.

The unfortunate but also fortunately reality that my previous adventure showed me was that having products that claimed to do amazing things was great for sales but not good when they didn’t live up to their expectations.  With this in mind and my now love for helping to supply a healthier environment I have sourced products and put together treatments and programs that I believe work!


Scott Wellington/Owner


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